Remote Help Desk

Our Help Desk is Available Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM to create issue tracking tickets, and work directly with you to support your business.


On-Site Services

When hardware fails, or physical intervention is needed, a technician will be dispatched on site to your location to fix any issue that may occur. Schedule quarterly to daily visits will help you maintain your I.T. systems.



The most important part of any I.T. project turn over procedure. We have processes to document all aspects of your network, server infrastructure, and software and hardware inventory. This portion is critical in the event that these systems are worked on by anyone other than the person who installed them. Full IID (If I Die - someone could read this and know how it works) documentation.


Launching and Monitoring

Full project life planning and execution. We can research, design, plan, implement, and deploy new I.T. solutions for your business. Once in place we can monitor those solutions and your entire network live.


What we do


Supporting your business

By taking the burden of I.T. management from you and proactively managing all systems. When there is an issue, you are given status updates, ETA's, and summaries of resolutions, with access to intricate details if desired. Either in person or remotely we will take care of your business's I.T. needs, and simply "Make IT work".


Custom User Training

The average user spends as much as 30 minutes every week figuring out, or helping a co-worker figure out computer problems. We provide training for known "time wasting" issues, and compose custom training based on your requests or needs. In addition new research conducted by us or other industry leader is implemented and presented as quickly as possible, so you can make the best decisions for your business.


Product and Solution Research

We are your personal research assistant! If you have any questions about products or services that you wish to consider, let us know and we will do all the homework for you. (If we don't know off the top of our heads) Or just share with us an idea that you have and want to implement for your business, and we will go and find the best fit for what you want and need.


Available Technical support 24/7

In the event of emergencies, we are available 24/7 for an hourly rate.


Negotiating Prices

We are your I.T. department, and when you need us to negotiate with other providers on your behalf we will stand behind you 100%. We'll do our best to ensure quality, cost effectiveness, and value of any purchase you decide to make for your I.T. needs.


Full-Service I.T. Versatility

If you have an existing solutions in place (even some you may regret), we will do our best to get you the most out of everything. Although we can't make any promises for ROI on all past I.T. investments, we can worked toward improving all future ones, and support those, to the best of our ability, that are already in place.